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The bulk of the products on this site are of a hand drawn nature. Back in 2006 I had a very unfortunate hard drive failure that cost me over 80 new designs I had created digitally. Anyone who has ever lost tons of data via a hard drive failure knows how devastating that can be. I was so put off by what had happened that I decided to go back to the trusty pen and paper as I knew it could not fail me. It was through the loss of information that brought about my thirst of illustration and documentation.

Not too long after I picked up pen again was the passing of J Dilla, a prolific music producer. I was so moved by his passing that I decide to not only create a tribute image but create the most detailed visual documentation of his lifes work. It was painstaking as well as educational. I found things in his discography that even i didn't know he made. 

I fell in love with the style I had created of documenting the greatness that people, places and things that have contributed to man kind and decided to expand upon it. This is my story...

Joseph (joe buck) Buckingham
Buckingham Art & Design

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